Reiki Festival 2023

Sept. 30, 2023

Ithas been twenty-five years since we organized the first Reiki Festival.In a Reiki Festival you are with many Reiki practitioners together and the Reiki energy reaches a great height.
It shows every time. This impacts your health, immune system and mood.

From the many responses, we quote a few.

Mirjam Top-Termaat of Reiki Twente:
“The Reiki Festival was warm, special and very inspiring. I had an open heart all day and longer. What a wonderful feeling!”

Marijke van Mulken
“So valuable and nice to be together and share Reiki.”

Kristel van Wijk
“Enjoyed the fine energy and playful lightness I felt.”

In 1998 was the first Reiki Festival at the ‘van der Valkhotel’ in Vianen.
Fokke Brink was our guest then, and Fred and Edna performed for the first time. We ended up celebrating five years at this location.
Those first five years featured Phyllis Furumoto, Inger Droog, Rick Bockner, Wanja Twan, Paul Mitchell.
The last time there were 600 visitors.

Phyllis Furumoto attended several times as a highly esteemed guest. She also planned to come in 2019. But alas, in the spring March 31, 2019, she passed away. That year her successor Johannes Reindle was a guest along with Paul Mitchell and Inger Droog. Johannes was also a guest the following year.

We celebrated the Festival in many forms. Respectfully honored deceased masters, treated each other on 90 Reiki tables, as well as danced to Caribbean music with an orchestra.

Always the tremendous growth of the Reiki energy present in the room through our being together proved to be the mysterious cause of our feeling of happiness. With strong highlights from the invited guests.

Entrance fee down

We had several locations after those first five years and finally we ended up in Lunteren.
That was good too, but it changed hands. We were looking for something else, for another location, so that the price of admission could go down.
We succeeded.
The base price is now €149.