There has been a Reiki Festival almost every year since 1998.

Below are reactions from visitors to previous Festivals.

So valuable and nice to be together and share Reiki.
Marijke van Mulken

It was a special and inspiring day with energetic encounters and pleasant conversations.
Nicole de Kroon

Just for today… ripple in the water What a wonderful day at the Reiki Festival in Lunteren. Enjoyed the fine energy and playful lightness I felt.
Also grateful for the beautiful inner processes in my own Reiki family.
Being connected together.
Thanks to the good organization.
Kristel van Wijk

The Reiki Festival last Saturday was warm, special and very inspiring.
I had an open heart all day and longer.
What a wonderful feeling!
Reiki Twente

Went to the Reiki Festival on Saturday and 2 things that made me enjoy that day.
First of all, to give Reiki to 50 people with 150 people, releases an energy that is hard to imagine.
That’s really great.
Second, meeting Phyllis Furumoto: a woman in the midst of life, resembles any other “normal” human being, with a life experience she shared with us that endorsed it. Super.
Jan Willem Barneveld

It was a wonderful day to have met this Reiki festival and also very special Phyllis.
What an authentic wise woman!
Gambheera van der Post

We gathered to share Reiki, exchange experiences and experience and hear Phyllis Furumoto speak.
Thanks to all who attended.
Thank you Phyllis, Rolf and Li-Li Holm and all the volunteers!

Home again after a fabulous day, thank you so much, Rolf and Lili, but especially Phyllis, of course, for this very special experience!
It would have been perfect if Inger Droog could have been present, but I can assure you, you were there, Inger, in my heart for one and I am sure in many many other hearts as well!!!
Willeke Barens

Celebrating 30 years of Reiki in the Netherlands with my own initiating master Phyllis Furumoto and 12 of my own students!
What a gift!
Thank you all for this beautiful day and your passion for Reiki.
Christine Verhelst

Yes, sure, and then the bigger Reiki outings I had been looking forward to for weeks were just over….
It was a big international group! Lots of singing, a nice get-together and the arrival of Phyllis….
It was a truly immersive party!
Liz Storm v’s Gravesande

Vielen Dank für die warm Begrüßung zum Reiki Festival NL (30 years Jubiläum) in Lunteren.
Ein wunderbarer Reiki-Tag mitvallen guten Gesprächen.
Phyllis kept a moving and interesting speech and an answer to questions.
Ich bin begeistert und bereichert am Abend wieder nachhause gefahren und wußte : ich war bei Freunden ! Reiki is a miracle and connects us all!
Vielen Dank Rolf und Li-Li & Team für diesen schönen Tag ! — with Phyllis Furumoto.
Sabine Nina Schwarz

Reactions after the Festival workshop, “Walking the Labyrinth”.

First of all I would like to thank you for this great workshop.
The labyrinth was new to me, I had never walked this before.
A whole new world opened up for me.
I had the opportunity to go deeper into the Second Degree Realm.
That was also a whole new experience, where I can still learn a lot.
Certainly in the long term.
The Blessing felt very familiar and yet very strange. Frank

It was a very special experience to walk the Labyrinth with a group of Reiki friends.
The maker made it with a lot of love, the green lines were so powerful and beautiful.
For me the Blessing was a short but beautiful initiation.
The tension that was to come was exactly the same when I was initiated into 1st and 2nd degree Reiki.
I didn’t feel very different after the Blessing, although it was special to get it from Li-Li.
The Area of the Second Degree
I found this part extremely interesting, that there is still so much we don’t know!
I was very surprised that the Reiki Masters found the Second Degree the most fascinating or important.
While sending to ‘the presence’ I saw images of the laughing Mrs. Takata having so much fun.

Walking a Labyrinth is a special experience in any case.
Walking as we explored our relationship with the second degree symbols was a unique experience.
This weekend was meant to explore the area of the second degree together and to share our experiences with it.
I was very impressed with the way we did this work together.
The depth we achieved and the willingness to explore and share touched and moved me.
The opportunity to receive a Blessing whenever you wanted was also very special.

The Reiki weekend of April 2018 was with a very diverse group.
People with many years of Reiki and people and those who were still young in the practice came together.
The strength of the group, the Labyrinth and Reiki made it an intense weekend.
A lot happened in the group and with me personally.
Also being a participant as a witness and sharing my intention with a witness was a very important element.
Actually, I thought that sharing was the most important… sharing with another means recognizing what is going on inside you.
The Field of the Second Degree is “sacred” and very personal and powerful to enter together.
The space that I experience with it is infinite. Words are not enough.
The Blessing felt like a shower of light and a force that moves, inspires and supports me in my next step.

In the first Reiki treatment, there was a small displacement of a vertebra.
I was like oh what is that but I didn’t pay any more attention to it.
The labyrinth was great for me, while I was walking the labyrinth I was brought back to my pain from 2004, very bizarre nerve pain dragging from my left leg.
At the second Reiki exchange there was another shift of the spine but this time really hard, but !.. it felt really good, it was just something that had come loose.
Walking the second labyrinth I felt very strong and carried.
Back at home I had a blockage of the intestines, this was worse than giving birth.
But well together with the intention of the second degree that it does not have to hurt, I have managed to let go of what has been released.
Especially my age of 11 years has been very hectic and sad. Blessing thanks for this dear Li-Li was super.
Hopefully see you next time I’m really looking forward to it.

It was wonderful to immerse myself in the Reiki energy for a whole weekend.
Because we worked with the symbols, the energy was even more intense than usual.
I found it liberating to be able to work with that openly.
It is always special to notice how Reiki cancels out differences and establishes brotherhood.
Walking the Labyrinth was a special experience, it made me very happy.
The second time, an old sore spot was touched.
Not intense, but it was special that the blessing I received afterwards immediately moved me.
I was immediately allowed to receive healing on it and felt that it was good as it was.

force field
Going through the Labyrinth is very special every time, whichever intention you choose, you always experience an insight, an idea or feeling!
The force field is so strong that the energy is palpable, it fills you!
Really refreshing to give the symbols extra attention!
The short questions and answers about the symbols provided insight into what they mean to fellow Reiki practitioners! Treatments with the symbols are, however different they are spoken about, fantastic!!
Because the workshop was for 2nd graders and Masters, more depth could be created!
The Blessing was for me a resting point, time and space to be completely immersed in the energy of Reiki!
Feel the holiness, experience it and let the blessing flow in from the Universe!
I feel strengthened and powerful!