One Hundred Years of Reiki

1922 – 2022

Mikao Usui was born in Taniai, Japan, in 1865. After many years of searching, he found the path that led to Reiki in 1922.
Reiki is for all of us a way of life, a path to personal and spiritual development and a method to improve our health.

We thank him from our hearts.
That is why during the Reiki Festival we reflect on Mikao Usui, his gift to the world and what it has brought us.


Mikao Usui in the midst of his
Reiki students in Japan.
The photo was probably taken in 1926.

The themes of this Reiki Festival are
“One Hundred Years of Reiki”.
by a new generation of Reiki Masters.

Johannes Reindl
main guest

Johannes lives in Austria, learned Reiki in 1995 and met Phyllis in Germany in 1997 and later in 2001. He became her student and in 2017 he was initiated by her as a Reiki Master in Japan.
See the photo with Grandmaster Phyllis Furumoto, taken just after his initiation.

Johannes Reindl
Lineage Bearer

Grandmaster Phyllis Lei Furumoto passed on March 31, 2019.
In addition to being Grandmaster, she was also the Lineage Bearer for Usui Shiki Ryoho.
Just before her death in 2019, she appointed Johannes Reindl as her successor in the role of Lineage Bearer, in the presence of a number of dear Reiki masters.

He has also been recognized by many people worldwide as the successor Grandmaster of the Usui Shiki Ryoho. Our main guest during the Reiki Festival: Johannes Reindl.

Johannes leads a number of “Reiki Self Treat” circles each week along with many hundreds of active Reiki practitioners from around the world.


Anneli Twan, our guest

Anneli Twan is the daughter of Wanja Twan. Wanja, like Phyllis Lei Furumoto who passed away in 2019, was initiated by Hawayo Takata.

Wanja initiated Inger Droog as a Reiki master. Inger, as we know, brought Reiki to the Netherlands.
Wanja Twan has named her daughter as successor in the Twan Reiki Lineage.
Anneli Twan comes to the Reiki Festival as our guest, just like her mother used to be.

Phyllis Lei Furumoto, Anneli and Wanja Twan.

Anneli Twan, Rick Bockner, Paul Mitchell, Phyllis Furumoto, Wanja Twan.

Inger Droog, Phyllis Furumoto, Wanja Twan, Sharon Yeo. 1984, Master initiation of Anneli.

Fred and Edna with a special party program

Since the first Reiki Festival 1998, Reiki masters Fred and Edna have been bringing joy and depth to the Festivals with their music and lyrics. The Frednas have been together 40 years this year. Reiki is once again their source of inspiration for their musical and lyrical contributions to this festival. They will happily play it all again.

Previous photo, the Frednas in 1999.
Above the Fredna’s at the last Festival 2019.