Program information and

theme Reiki Festival 2023

Every Reiki practitioner, student, practitioner and master experiences the effect of Reiki energy in different circumstances.
During a Reiki Festival, that effect intensifies greatly. That Reiki amplification in energy is actually the main reason to come.
In addition, you meet old friends and make new ones.
And to top off the energy cake is the program with the main guests. They are actively building energy.
The theme highlights an important aspect in the rich Reiki experience. This time it is a tribute to Hawayo Takata sensei.

Tribute to
Hawayo Takata sensei

December 24, 1900 – December 11, 1980

Hawayo Takata: “We came into this world with a purpose, and Reiki gives health and happiness to achieve our goals.”

She changed our lives forever.
From our hearts we say:
Thank you Mrs. Takata.

Hawayo Takata, through her own strength, through her connection to Reiki and her loyalty to Reiki, has developed into the extraordinary woman as she is described by those who have met her.
She has been posthumously criticized for how she handled Reiki.
As it is with great spiritual teachers, they also remain just a human being. However, what she has done for Reiki can be called extraordinary.
She cannot get enough credit for her work for Reiki in the Western world. Without her, hardly anyone would know about Reiki.
Hawayo Takata, as a spiritual teacher and Lineage Bearer, can be seen as the essential custodian and bringer of Reiki to the Western world after World War II.

Anneli Twan on Takata.
Anneli gave extra spirit to the Festival last year with her open and bright energy. As a 10-year-old, she received her first degree from Takata in a children’s class.
“There have been moments in my life of great clarity and awe, when a sense of knowing and connection with the divine gave me a sense of peace and contentment. A “knowing” that I am following the path laid out for me.
My first memory of this is at the age of ten, when I met Hawayo Takata in 1979 at Barbara Brown’s home in Lumby, BC, Canada.
Even at that young age, I can clearly remember knowing that what this woman had in her and around her, I needed in my life.
I could feel and see a great white light around her.
I knew that in that light lay the answers to living life to the fullest.”

This photo shows her, center back, as a girl in a children’s class with Hawayo Takata in 1979.
Her spiritual teacher.

Gratitude from Anneli to Hawayo Takata sensei.

I am enormously grateful to Hawayo Takata for her dedication to her teachings, which she has passed on to those of us who were fortunate enough to have met her.
Although Hawayo Takata has not been around since 1980, our bond feels stronger today because of her initiations. When I have questions or need confirmation, she is available to consult with.
The life and lessons of Hawayo Takata and my mother, Wanja Twan, have taught me that life is truly amazing. That the more you live life on the terms of life, the more growth and awareness comes.”

Hawayo Takata, Wanja Twan and Phyllis Lei Furumoto.

Anneli her husband,
Don Beacham, works at the Festival with “Indian” drum ceremonies.

They both work and together in “Indian Reserves.

“I am currently doing cultural work with First Nations organizations and Indian Reserves.
My father, Lyle Twan, was of the “First Nations” from a small reservation in central BC. I myself also have the “Status Indian,” as we call it here in Canada, and belong to the “Esdilagh First Nation.
My husband and fellow Reiki master Don Beacham is Cree of Norway House First Nation in Manitoba. Since 1984, my husband has been practicing drumming, sweat lodge ceremonies and fasting ceremonies.
We are both “Pipe Carriers. We earned that right by fasting for four days without food or water.
We are regularly called on very short notice to remote areas in the province of Canada.We then assist with crisis situations such as suicides, residential school trauma and the trauma of discovering all unmarked graves.
It is intense and hard work, but Reiki brings light to these situations.”

Tribute to Hawayo Takata by treat.

What puts you in motion?
Takata already said about Reiki practice: ‘ Practice, practice, practice.’ And, “Reiki will teach you.
So what better way to honor Hawayo Takata than by practicing Reiki? What do we set in motion when we simply put our hands down? What does self-treatment bring us in this changing world? How does self-treatment affect not only ourselves but also those around us? And how do we view resistance we encounter on our path, just when we thought we were well on our way?

Josine Pennings and Paulien van der Geest met in the resource development group where they learned about regenerative thinking from Ben Haggard. Josine lives in Bunnik, works in and on education and has been a Reiki Master since 2022. She is interpreting at the festival and will guide this exploration.
Paulien lives in Utrecht, works as a communications consultant on education about more sustainable living at Milieu Centraal and has been a Reiki Master since 2008. This festival she is chairing the day. Together with Josine, she will take you on this exploration.

Reiki practitioners also breathe.

With that breathing lies the passion of Nour Awad from Canada, living in Amsterdam.She has the second degree in Reiki and is a licensed Yoga and breath teacher.At the Festival she will explain, with us in an exercise, the relationship between breathing, health and strength in Reiki.

Reiki Home

“Reiki for a Better World” is a subject close to Robert Kramps’ heart. At the Reiki Festival, he talks about his vision of “Reiki Home” and how this theme fits into it

Organize and carry the energy.

Rolf and Li-Li Holm have been Reiki masters for 36 years, initiated by Phyllis Furumoto. For 25 years, they have been organizing and carrying the energy of the Reiki Festival as volunteers. Originated from the need for Reiki practitioners to come together in energy. In the early years, the festival was supported by their Reiki magazine. Each Reiki festival is a great energetic shower, thanks to all the participants in the room and the dedication of the often changing group of other volunteers who helped with the organization. Each felt it was good for their own Reiki and personal development, to come together like this.
Almost every time it was Paul van Os who helped with the technique, so too this time.