Chujiro Hayashi – sensei

Every Reiki practitioner has learned his name in the Lineage starting from Mikao Usui. He is the second bearer in our Reiki Lineage, that of Usui Shiki Ryoho. He was close to the source, regarding learning from his own sensei Mikao Usui.
Hayashi has been very important to Reiki as it has spread throughout the world. All of us have come to know and practice Reiki thanks to him. Yet he is little mentioned in the Usui Shiki Ryoho, U.S.R.
As in a “family constellation,” it is important to see and honor each equally. That didn’t happen to him as much with us.

To bring balance, we asked Paul Mitchell to better introduce us to Hayashi-sensei. Showing and honoring his place and function in a Constellation.
Therefore, the theme of this Festival is also “Giving Honor to Chujiro Hayashi” as an important carrier in the Lineage of USR.

Paul Mitchell – Head of Discipline

Our chief guest is Paul Mitchell from the US.
Paul Mitchell is a regular guest speaker at our Reiki Festival. From the beginning, he was a member of the Office of the Grandmaster, OGM, in the position of Head of Discipline. Along with Grandmaster Phyllis Lei Furumoto, Paul led the Reiki community for many years in the OGM.
Following the passing of Grandmaster Phyllis Furumoto in 2019, Johannes Reindl has become part of the OGM. As the fifth Lineage carrier. Then also Joyce Winough.

Paul Mitchell will speak at the Reiki Festival about Chujiro Hayashi-sensei, about his great value to Reiki in the world and as an important bearer in the Lineage. Furthermore, he will lead us in an experiential connection in a modified “Constellation”.

Hawayo Takata together with Chujiro Hayashi in Hawaii in 1938. It was his farewell, to go back to Japan.

A special photo of the ‘Grandmaster’ and the ‘Head of Dicipline’ from 2018. © Elina van der Heijden.

Paul Mitchell together with Phyllis Lei Furumoto. This is a statie photo of the two.

For years, they carried the functions together in the Office of the Grandmaster (OGM). She as “Grandmaster” and he “Head of Dicipline.

Fred and Edna participate again.

Fred and Edna, here in an old photo with Phyllis Furumoto, performed with great success in the very first Reiki Festival, also in Vianen in 1998. This year they are also participating again, active and substantive as always. And dedicated to Reiki.
All in all, this will be a Festival day you won’t lightly forget.

Frank Coppieters

Reiki Master Shaman

Frank Coppieters was initiated as master by Phil Morgan, himself initiated by Phyllis Furumoto. His first degree was given to Frank by Paul Mitchell. He will pay tribute to Chujiro Hayashi in a Shamanic way at the Festival.

Reiki tables

It will be a traditional Reiki Festival this year. This years program will include Reiki treatments on tables. We have missed this. We’re going to do that again now. The program takes us to the essence and that includes the ollaborative Reiki treatment.

Please bring your own familiar Reiki table, as of old
and please let us know via the registration form.

Paulien van der Geest.

Paulien is again our photographer, floor manager and also co-presenter.

Paul van Os

Our all-around theater technician and Reiki master, from the very beginning is also back at it.

Roy Salomons

Roy, the guitarist from the previous Reiki Festival, will help direct, assist and set up the room with the Reiki tables this time. The hands on communal treatment will provide an important part of the day.

Li-Li & Rolf Holm

Organizers and energy bearers of each Reiki Festival.

We already extend our thanks to all the volunteers who help with the Reiki Festival each year.